Chloe McKenzie, a Millennial Financial phenom and Wealth Justice activist continues to deliver her trademark wealth literacy message. At just 26 years old, Chloe has already graced the cover of multiple financial magazines, including the summer 2019 issue of Raymond James’ Aspire and Investment News’ 40 Under 40.

Her speaking engagements highlight the tremendous wealth gap Americans face in a system that is institutionally designed with inequity towards race and gender.

Chloe has caught the attention of major media networks seeking collaborations to promote her messaging beyond the scope of the financial community.

wealth justice methodology™

The heart of my Wealth Justice Method™ comes from both my expertise in finance and education and my experience as an activist. My methodology is broken into 4 parts: Inward. Outward. Upward. Forward ™. Each of my engagements with financial institutions has a phase for each part.

McKenzie Consulting helps firms join the movement to be more financially inclusive. Through our Wealth Justice Method™ we have helped institutions sustainably serve more women in battered shelters, young people who have recently aged out of foster care, women and girls of color and new employees with disadvantaged backgrounds.

We need to commit to a deeper understanding of what wealth really is. Start seeing wealth inequality as an issue of power, not paychecks.