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The median net worth for a woman of color is $5

Wealth inequality is real, crippling, and distributed heavily among gender and racial lines. If wealth is power, then wealth literacy can distribute that power to our most disadvantaged populations. Providing solutions with an intersectional approach to finance ensures that we lift up everyone.


Changes Everything


We must view financial and wealth literacy through a culturally-responsive lens. Together we can educator others on both financial and intersectional feminist concpets that will create real systemic change.

Financial Futures

Together we can arm the most disadvataged groups with the knowledge and resources that set them up for a brigther future. By improving financial and wealth literacy today, we afford everyone sustainable wealth-building opportunities for generations to come.

Industry Changes

Together we can enrich the lives of people the financial services industry traditionally prices out or overlooks. We can do this by developing and implementing rigorous interventions that make a positive impact on these communities and remain relevant as these communities grow and evolve.

Close gaps

Together, we can close the wealth gap

How can I get Involved?

Here are three ways you can help:

Donate to BlackFem so that we can provide school districts engaging and holistic wealth literacy curriculum that encourages the financial habits and behaviors needed to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty– at the individual, family, and community level.

Partner with me to help your firm become more financially inclusive.

Join the movement to close the wealth gap. Download my resources and share with your network. Your developing wealth intelligence allows you to share the wealth with others.

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