MY Projects


Making Everyone an Activist Investor

The Activist Investor describes how we can 
close the wealth gap and build wealth through investing. It takes the fundamentals of buying and trading stocks and applies Chloe B. McKenzie’s wealth justice method to reveal 
how we can actually do well by doing good.


Transforming School-Based Learning

BlackFem is a nonprofit born out of the need to improve wealth literacy at the intersection of two severely underserved demographics: young girls and people of color.



Chloe McKenzie and McKenzie Consulting has demonstrated success of helping Fortune 500 companies, RIAs and other institutions ensure that they are aligned with the principles of wealth justice and embracing financial inclusion into the fabric of their core business offerings.


Putting Credit Scores in Classrooms

Equiddie makes the link between financial education and wealth-building behaviors by providing credit scores to students based on factors like student absenteeism, homework completion and behavior.



Chloe’s speaking engagements highlight the tremendous wealth gap Americans face in a system that is institutionally designed with inequity towards race and gender.


On A Wealth Kick

On A Wealth Kick is a graphic tee line that empowers us all to wear our activism.