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BlackFem® is a nonprofit born out of the need to improve wealth literacy at the intersection of two severely underserved demographics: young girls and people of color.

BlackFem® is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, financial organization that provides financial services and education to underserved communities of color. We target women and girls of color in these communities because they continue to be systematically excluded from opportunities to build and sustain wealth.

BlackFem’s mission is to provide opportunities for women and girls of color to build and sustain wealth. Though we specifically target women and girls, our school programs are open to all students. Our core values of empowerment and social justice are achieved through the content of our programming, our commitment to reducing economic barriers to a quality financial education, and the long-term relationships we nurture with the communities we serve. Our mission is grounded in its commitment to unlimited access to financial education; we work to integrate our programs in all schools, even those who cannot meet the full cost of our services without community and grant support.

Children enrolled in my program at BlackFem, WealthRise®, students receive wealth education FIVE days a week as part of their normal school day.  After school is not enough.  A one-time financial literacy presentation is not enough. With WealthRise®, wealth literacy isn’t just a subject, it becomes the core subject.

Given this, I have been working with school districts and states across the country ensuring that closing the wealth gap for womxn and girls of color becomes an integral part of education policy. As such, I have written, and am proud to say that my wealth education policy has already been adopted by some school districts. It mandates that wealth literacy be taught 5 days a week, during the school day, embedded in core subjects.