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The principle of wealth justice ™ compels us to seize the opportunity to pair business with justice. By doing this, not only are we doing our part to close the wealth gap, but we are also doing our part to create an entirely new client base for our industry.

We can all agree that now more than ever, diversity and inclusion is important. Financial inclusion ensures that the financial services industry more adequately serves people traditionally distrustful of and/or inexperienced with financial products and services. In order to more equitably service disadvantaged and underserved groups, our industry must be more representative of the constituencies that we would like to serve.

Inclusion isn’t something we can just perform. It’s something we must embed in our business models and our workplace ecosystem. This is not easy to do. Chloe McKenzie and McKenzie Consulting has demonstrated success of helping Fortune 500 companies, RIAs and other institutions ensure that they are aligned with the principles of wealth justice and embracing financial inclusion into the fabric of their core business offerings.

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