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Author of the #1 Amazon bestseller “The Activist Investor”.

I’m Chloe McKenzie, wealth literacy expert and wealth justice advocate. In order to fight for wealth equality, I advise school districts and businesses to create an enabling ecosystem where disadvantaged communities, especially girls and women of color, can take charge of their financial futures. My dream is to make more of me, but that’s going to involve rigorous solutions.

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Wealth Literacy Expert | Leader for Wealth Justice

My vision is a future where median net worth isn’t limited by gender or color of skin.


My mission is to revolutionize the educational and financial systems to more equitably support women and girls of color, thereby allowing the opportunity to maximize their life’s potential.


My promise is to further develop and provide actionable programming for institutions seeking to advance the cause of wealth justice and financial inclusiveness.

Worked for rigorous change with:

The median net worth for women of color is $5, I'm doing something about that.

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My resources do more than just build wealth literacy;they aim to impart wealth-building capability. All of my resources are culturally responsive, translated in Spanish and French and accessible for individuals with learning differences or disabilities.

Success isn’t easy. It is a product of hard work, knowledge and arming yourself with the information necessary to achieve your goals. The Activist Investor is literally a playbook that offers readers specific and attainable tools to effectively trigger their wealth-building capabilities. My mission of inclusiveness is not limited to wealth justice alone. The Activist Investor is available in Spanish and French, and is accessible for individuals with learning differences or disabilities. Wealth literacy is for everyone.


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Get involved. Take up space. Be heard. Use your voice for change. Whether you’re a large company or an individual looking to move the needle, the seismic shift in demographics has already happened. Join our movement and welcome to the future.

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